Ticket printers

Custom presents its solutions for ticket printing, capable of meeting any operations need. Clean, compact and high performance units.

Ideal for applications in the field of traceability, logistics, access control, two-dimensional barcode printing and thermal wristbands.

Our ticket printers are among the most popular Custom products, both because they are known for their unique quality performance and because they are used in extremely busy places such as airports and all types of ticket offices. CUSTOM develops ticket printers equipped with state-of-the-art RID technology, both HF - short distance and UHF - long distance systems.

Our range of printers is enriched by portable, wireless, small, practical and high performance versions. The technological quality and design of these portable printers has led even Microsoft to choose Custom as their partner for mobile wireless and Bluetooth ticket printing solutions for the latest smartphones using Windows Phone 8 operating system.

A series of accessories and additional components enhancing the functions of Custom products complement our ticket solutions. In addition to the LCD display and change giving cash drawers, Custom offers various touch screen PCs that can be suited to ticket printers and that have been designed to provide the best aesthetic features and, above all, functionalities.

Our leading products

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