Ticketing - Kiosk System

Parma (Italy) February 2016:


Thanks to the business cooperation between Custom, leader in designing and manufacturing complete printing solutions for self-service, and Artexe, solid reality that has become a benchmark in the field of e-health and in particular for reception and queue management, collecting the reports of laboratory tests is now faster and easier.

At San Raffaele hospital in Milan, out of the "Medical reports collection", some totems able to allow the printing of the results of laboratory tests in a few simple gestures have recently been installed. Keep with you the health insurance card and the sheet for the reports collection, you will be able to print directly the tests results or load them on a USB stick, deleting waiting times and queues. The totems, working 24/24 hours, promptly respond to the needs of users that cannot always go to the hospital during the desks opening hours.

This outcome has been realized also thanks to KPM216HII, one of Custom's range top sellers. This A4 documents printer, characterized by high-speed printing at high quality, has very innovative features: it can handle various paper thickness (from 63 to 85 μm), it has a presenter with expulsion and withdrawal functions (speed up to 100mm/s), it's able to print the most common barcodes and handles all existing languages. It has sensors such as paper end, ticket presence, near paper end, and virtual card. The cutter is highly reliable, and provides more than 300,000 cuts.

The combination of Custom's technical expertise and the services offered by Artexe has created an important process innovation that has already shown excellent results: in fact, a few weeks after the launch, the majority of the reports has already been delivered through this new tool, recording a continuous growth in the number of results collected with this self-service mode. Finally a usable and fast tool that greatly simplifies our everyday routine in the delicate and important field of health care.

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