• 1992

    Custom Engineering srl was set up with the aim of developing "ad hoc" special printing solutions based on the customers' needs.
    The business focus was soon directed towards the development of industrial dot-matrix printers and the new company began to lay the foundations with an eye on the market of industrial and special printers.

  • 1995

    In just three years of business, Custom becomes a benchmark for the entire national market. In the meantime, printers for the multimedia kioskmarket and ATMs are introduced. This year sees the introduction of the first desktop printer designed for POS cash registers and for the retail market. The company starts to plan its activities for the European and international markets. The in-house electromagnetic compatibility laboratory, compliant with EC directives 89/336/CEE and 92/31/CEE, is up and running.

  • 1998

    The company obtains the ISO 9001 certification and the main products are certified according to UL, Cul, Demko and CE regulations. The new headquarters in Fontevivo become operative and the Milan sales office is set up with the aim of directly serving the major industrial area in Italy.

  • 2000

    Custom Engineering becomes a Joint Stock Company, increasing its share capital to 498,000 Euro. In the same year, the company obtains the certification for "RESEARCH LABORATORY APPROVED BY THE MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY AND LABORATORY FOR TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION" MURST.
    The sales in the United States gather pace with the opening of a direct office in Arizona.

  • 2001

    In 2001, Custom becomes a globally established company with distributors in every continent and a prestigious international client base.
    To complement its wide range of products, the production of very high performance printers is initiated. Thanks to the proprietary thermal printer mechanisms and integrated mechanics, the new products entirely manufactured by Custom come to life.

    The UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 (VISION) certification is renewed.

  • 2002

    The share capital is increased to over one million euro. The operations headquarters in the United States are opened in Chicago, with branches in Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta and New Jersey.

  • 2003

    The shipping department is expanded and, at the same time, agreements for opening direct offices in Brazil, Spain and Russia are signed.
    A new sales office is opened in Luton, United Kingdom, to provide valuable local support to the most important market for Custom, following the domestic one. A new office is opened in Modena, equipped with a show room and a technical training centre. The company obtains the "licensed producer" authorization to produce fiscal metering systems in Italy and is the first company to introduce the electronic register log in the Italian fiscal market (M.M.C.).

  • 2004

    In 2004, with an eye on progressive company growth, a reality throughout Europe, Custom opens its new sales office in Spain, Valencia.
    The share capital rises to 1.5 million Euro and the in-house laboratory is expanded to develop and test the new stereolithography system machine (ViperSI2-3DSystems), designed to produce rapid prototypes for studying and designing new printing solutions.

  • 2005

    Custom expands its range of products introducing solutions for the Gaming and Lotteries & Betting market, with PC touch screen gaming terminals, printers for ticket issuing and multifunctional mini-kiosks. The company keeps pace with the latest technological innovations and launches its printers with Wi-Fi technology and built-in scanner, JavaPOS printer driver, OPOS, and many other products.

    In addition, to further testify to Custom's investments in international markets, the sales offices in Germany and Argentina are opened and the company website is translated in Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German and French.

  • 2006

    This year sees the reorganization of the company: while all the technology-related activities - from the design to the development of utility tools – are performed within the company, the production activity - always managed and organized by Custom - is entrusted to the company Custom Production Europe Srl, with offices in Romania and sub-contractors in India, specializing in the KUBE printers line. Custom, with its 12 ISO 9002 certified Italian suppliers, develops unparalleled solutions that stand out for their innovative features and user-friendliness. Some of these include printers with PC functions, integrated web servers, and cutting edge self-installing printer drivers and monitoring software tools. Furthermore, thanks to the creation of a new web portal, all the external divisions of the Company, production, sub-contractors and branches are connected to the headquarters in real time via secure access to Custom's private web portal.

  • 2007

    For Custom, investments in R&D have always been a priority: the company is among the first to virtualize it corporate servers using the VMWARE technology, leading to major advantages in terms of data security, space and energy saving. New products dedicated to the world of multimedia are created: mini-players and multimedia box capable of distributing multimedia contents such as videos, web pages and images to various monitors and screens of any size. The share capital is increased to 4.5 million Euro.
    All the corporate server rooms are connected via optical fibres and the web site, created with the latest technology, becomes increasingly "dynamic".

  • 2008

    2008 sees the establishment of Custom Group, thanks to the foundation of System Gaming SpA, with the aim of implementing and developing Custom's activities in the Gaming and Lotteries & Betting sector. Furthermore, Fasy Group is acquired for the purpose of becoming a benchmark in Europe in the field of POS cash register automation as well as in the franchising and retail services. The share capital is increased to 6 million Euro.
    The Group expands its production plant in Romania to 1200sqm. A partnership with the Hanindo China group is established and a new branch office in San Jose, California was opened.
    In the meantime, Custom continues to invest in Research and Development: the result is the launch of a new ticketing division providing highly technological solutions, new software and applications to facilitate the man-machine relationship.

  • 2009

    System Retail SpA joins Custom group. The consolidated know-how of the new company in the field of IT solutions for the Retail Market allows Custom Group to become fully involved in the integrated development of applications, in supplying value-added technological solutions and services to sales points of large-scale retail businesses, large retail organizations and franchisors.
    The economic crisis does not hinder Custom, that continues to invest, specializing in vertical markets and introducing a range of solutions specially designed for industrial use and ticketing services. This scenario leads to a new collaboration with the company STIMARE LTD, a partner that allows Custom to provide software integration support within the scope of events ticketing applications. The expansion in China and India continues and the site is published in Chinese.

  • 2010

    The year 2010 sees the upgrade and expansion of the POS and Ticketing ranges with the launch of a new line of Touch screen cash systems and the strengthening of the ticketing, events and transport areas. The Group establishes an important partnership with IATA (International Air Transport Association), the most important player in the aviation industry and further strengthens its international presence by participating in more than 20 trade fairs worldwide and establishing new distribution channels with various partners. This is year is also characterized by the acquisition of 100% shareholding of Fasy International SpA.

  • 2011

    The year begins with a restyling of the web site, also aimed at introducing the new Q3F 80mm fiscal printer. The strategic partnership with the Spanish Azkoyen, a leader in payment systems with coins and banknotes enables Custom to sign an important contract for distribution on the Italian market of the Spanish range. In addition, the Group introduces the new QT10, the first PC POS 10" Touch Screen with the compact design Standard PC processor, ideal for Retail, and further expands the range of panel printers of the PLUSII series with new versions.
    Meanwhile, at an international level, Custom participates in 15 trade fairs, the partner Hanindo China inaugurates the new sales offices in Shenzhen and the new partnership with the Brazilian company Nitere is cemented which allows the Group to additionally distribute its entire range of products on the Brazilian market.

  • 2012

    Custom starts its 20th year of business, always led by its founder partners and with some important organizational changes, focused on future developments.
    The major highlight is the introduction of the new SAP ERP software, aimed at optimizing the services offered to the customers and improving the company planning and production procedures.
    The year 2012 starts with the foundation of Custom America Inc. (January 1st, 2012) and the opening of a sales office and a warehouse in Delaware, with the creation of a team totally dedicated to the American market.
    Custom presents its new range of touch screen cash registers and of POS PC specially conceived and suitable for any Retail application, such as the powerful and reliable Vision 15.
    As regards the O.E.M. division, Custom presents a new generation of compact 80mm self-service kiosk printers, such as the VKP80III.
    These models, featuring exclusive characteristics and unique performances, meet and exceed the expectations of the most demanding customers. New products and solutions dedicated to the mobile world are launched on the market.
    Among these products, we can mention the new MY3A, fully compatible with Apple iPhone and iPad devices, with libraries and application notes for Android, with Microsoft Windows Phone 8 and allowing the user to print tickets or labels from the same portable printer.
    On December 1st, 2012 Fasy International Spa and Custom Engineering Spa merge.
    Fasy will continue to exist as trademark, but the entire organization will report to Custom Engineering.

  • 2013

    Custom’s 21st year starts with the opening of new commercial offices and a warehouse in Jakarta together with Hanindo Group, strengthening the company presence in all the SEA area.
    Also in the United Kingdom, thanks to the partnership with Stimare that was already distributing Custom’s ticketing range, the company presence is enhanced with a warehouse and a post-sales assistance team also for the Industrial&Kiosk products.
    In February it takes place the dealers meeting, in the evocative location of Ferrari Museum in Maranello. During this occasion have been presented the news of the POS range, among which stand out the new Tablet POS by Custom that represents a real revolution in the point of sale and the K3 printer with an elegant and functional design for receipts and invoices.
    For the Industrial line, Custom presents the new range of panel printers mPLUS2, PLUS2 and PLUS4; for the ticketing line it has been introduced the new KPM180H, the smallest ticket printer on the market; while for the Gaming line we have the new Kube Scanner 120 with 120mm embedded scanner.
    The big news of 2013 is the launch of the new website look, style, technology and performance completely reinvented and available in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Portuguese.
    In October we had the foreign distributors meeting for the Industrial&Kiosk range, divided into 3 days: it has been an important opportunity to present the company in person, to see the products first-hand and to spend some time together to know each other better.
    The 1st of October the company System Gaming has been entirely absorbed inside Custom Engineering. The year finishes with the Open Houses all around Italy, technical training to present the latest news of the POS range: the portable cash register JSmart, the touch PC-POS VT15 and the touch cash register Big Touch PC.

  • 2014

    The year 2014 starts with the change of the company name: Custom Engineering becomes Custom S.p.A., the Group Holding Company.
    During the year, several new products are launched, like the PC POS HT15, the TG02H kiosk printer, the MY3A and MyPrinterA mobile printers and the new phablet (phone+tablet) Smice by Custom, an absolute novelty in the range.
    In September and October, important meetings are held with Custom America and Custom Hanindo Cina&SEA: two great opportunities to consolidate the company relations with its partners by means factory tours and by personally introducing all the new projects.
    Always in the month of October, Custom Gmbh is established. The company has offices in Frankfurt Am Main and Kelkheim and relies on a professional team fully dedicated to the German market for the distribution of the industrial and self‐service range of products.
    The year ends with important acquisitions by Custom of three new Italian companies: Bizeta Retail Solutions - that designs solutions and projects for front end/back office applications and provides integrated “turnkey” services for the fashion&luxury industry - 90% shareholding acquired; Maxima Srl - that provides software solutions for the Retail‐Fashion industry - 59% shareholding acquired - and Netrising Srl - a company that specializes in the field of applications for tablets and smartphones - 25% shareholding acquired.
    During the year, Custom has attended 15 international and domestic trade fairs, dedicated to the different industries in which the wide range of the company products and solutions are used.

  • 2015

    2015 is an important year for Custom, it marks the birth of a new commercial division: the one dedicated to consumer electronics, in this case phones and smartphones. In June, we presented the first smartphones and tablets: technologically efficient solutions at competitive prices, sold through wholesalers and distributors as well as directly to the end user through the new Italian e-commerce website
    The new business unit means news from all points of view: not only products, but also communication, sales force and logistics. The company invested resources and know how to meet the needs of a market where the consumer, and not companies, is the heart of the business.
    All this is proved by the participation at IFA in Berlin, the largest European exhibition dedicated to consumer electronics, and this confirms that Custom has always been dedicated to international business.
    Always about foreign markets, in September 2015 new offices in India have been opened, and – at the very beginning of October – Custom America transferred its offices in Boothwyn.
    In addition, in May Custom held its Open Houses, for the first time abroad: 4 stages in Romania, where the division POS has been the protagonist, while the products of all the business units related to the world of printers have been the topic of the seminars held in 3 stages in Australia.
    2015 saw the launch of several new products. In fact, starting from the beginning of the year, Custom presented the new IR15, a revolutionary All-in-one PcPOS with IR Touch Screen, robust and highly-performing, and - in September - Fusion, All-in- one PcPOS 10'' with integrated 80mm receipt printer and fiscal customer display; with its compact and elegant design, it is ideal for the modern store management.
    The innovative PP54 system, ideal for any parking application with BarCode tickets, has been launched in June, while in July Custom presented K80, the "Tornado printer", a receipt printer, ultra-compact and robust, ideal solution for ATMs, automatic vending machines and self-service kiosks thanks to the anti-intrusion shutter, the anti -jamming system and the anti-splash paper exit.
    During the last months of the year, Custom worked on the presentation of a new range of smartphones and accessories, proposing products that are technologically interesting and aesthetically valiant.

  • 2016

    2016 has a been a year of growth for our Group, in terms of profitability, projects and resources. Our successes, the diversification of the business and our presence worldwide have enabled us to develop a series of targeted publicity initiatives featured in the media, with the publication in numerous local and international newspapers of the history of our Group, which registered 99.6 million euro turnover in 2015/16. Custom, thanks to our 200 strong engineering and R&D teams, has developed not only hardware but also propriety intelligence design automation software, with the launch of our Custom Power Tool. In  January 2016, at New York's NRF trade fair, Custom presented the new FLY, a 15.6" POS PC with standout design features; in the OEM area, we introduced the PP54, a uniquely multifunctional and versatile product which simplifies and customises a variety of features, making it the best option  currently available  for “ticketing management”, including standalone solutions. In March, Custom was on the track with the LCR HONDA team as Official Sponsor and Event Title Sponsor at the MUGELLO GP, a unique opportunity for presenting ourselves in the Premier Class. In doing so, we highlighted our shared values of speed, dynamism and technology leadership. Our commitment to sport, understood not just as an exercise in brand awareness, but rather as a fully-fledged means of communication, also involved us in the world of volleyball, with our sponsorship of the TOP VOLLEY LATINA team. In 2016, Custom reinforced its partnership with NETRISING, a subsidiary of the leading app and digital design Group, by acquiring a majority share in the company. Its major projects include the development of an application for Austrian railways, as well as a number of retail business apps. The Custom Group also saw significant growth in the aviation industry, thanks to our robust, functional, design-oriented technology, as well as in the GLB (Gaming/Lottery/Betting) industry, where our long-standing experience enables us to offer terminals which are currently among the most flexible and innovative on the market, with added value payment services. Our most recently established department, the PHONE division, also made major gains: its diversified offering, inspired by the mission "Technology at a smart price", has captured the attention of both seniors and younger users, with custom solutions for a wide range of users with specific needs.

  • 2017

    Custom a sărbătorit cel de-al 25-lea an de activitate, diverse inovațiile Grupului atât din punct de vedere al dezvoltării tehnologice, cât și al produselor și al realizărilor obținute. Custom reprezintă din ce în ce mai mult un punct de referință la nivel mondial în conceperea, proiectarea și realizarea de soluții de imprimare și scanare pentru automatizarea serviciilor către public.
    Anul fiscal a înregistrat o creștere a cererii în sectoarele Retail și GLB (jocuri, loterie, pariuri), adevărate soluții “personalizate” complete: Hardware, Software și Service America și Rusia sunt în creștere, iar restul piețelor se stabilizează, prin consolidarea unei prezențe din ce în ce mai recunoscute.Planul de expansiune comercială continuă pe axa Brazilia, Europa, India și Orientul Mijlociu. De asemenea, la nivelul de Business Unit, Grupul continuă printr-o capacitate de inginerie din ce în ce mai mare, cu adăugarea de noi produse în stare să ofere un nivel mai înalt de funcționalitate și inovare, menținând performanțe ridicate. În 2017 au fost realizate produse strategice multi sectoriale care, cu siguranță, au reușit să capteze atenția. În primul plan MULTI SCAN, primul sistem de scanare independent bazat pe o conectivitate Wireless în afara celei Bluetooth. Grupul a conceput o tehnologie de dimensiuni reduse și maximă manevrabilitate; o nouă soluție care oferă, datorită conectivității WiFi, o utilizare transversală și sinergică pentru diverse piețe, cum ar fi logistica, asistența medicală, Retail, aviația, ticketing și în general pentru controlul de acces.
    Pe data de 30 iunie Custom a primit Premiul LE FONTI în calitate de excelență a anului.
    Custom, cu un puternic know-how dobândit în timp și prin experiență directă este tot mai prezentă pe diferite piețe fiscale, care se confruntă cu o evoluție tehnologică la nivel mondial. Tocmai din acest motiv, Custom are capacitatea de a susține 15 piețe fiscale diverse. Custom continuă să reprezinte un punct de referință, oferind diverse soluții realizate în mod expres pentru transmiterea telematică a plăților: o adevărată evoluție tehnologică a legislației în Italia, în Europa și în Lume.
    În 2017 a avut loc și inaugurarea noului sediu SCC Service Center care numără zilnic un personal dedicat de 300 de tehnicieni specializați. Un serviciu consolidat în timp și prin experiență directă care, de peste 10 ani, reușește să susțină din punct de vedere strategic și operațional companii leader în sectoare foarte specializate precum cel al modei și al luxului.

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