• Custom is fully aware of the consequences that its manufacturing activities and products may have on the environment. Accordingly, the company works in compliance with all environmental legislation and requirements, always preserving the quality of its products and its competitiveness in all market segments in which it operates.

    For this reason, Custom endorses the following directives: As of 1 July 2006, all products launched on the market by Custom conform with Directive RoHs (Directive 2002/95/EC) which prohibits the use of chemical substances considered hazardous in electrical and electronic equipment.

  • Custom is enrolled in the national register of EEE manufacturers and battery producers registers, and is responsible for proper management and disposal of all equipment through the ECOR'IT consortium, of which it is a member. 
    AEE Manufacturer registry number: IT08100000005547.

  • The products manufactured by Custom are REACH compliant. This regulation provides for assessment of the properties of the various chemical substances in order to identify any health-related or environmental risks.

  • In line with its environmental policy, Custom is fully oriented towards compliance, now and in the future, with environmental legislation, environmental regulations and any other requirements recognized and chosen by Custom itself. This approach is reflected in ongoing training for the company employees, its suppliers and the local community, for the purpose of improving environmental performance. When developing its products, Custom uses methods and criteria designed to minimize all environmental impacts both during the manufacturing process and during use. Special care is taken in energy saving, selection and quantity of components used and to their packaging: all parts making up the product are fully recyclable, be they components or packaging material. A fundamental goal for Custom's environmental policy is continual improvement, supported by the promotion and dissemination of an environmental management system, at all company levels.

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